Cristian Quaroni is a photographer who specializes in creative images of the living world.
Born in Eritrea in the Horn of Africa in 1975, he got is first glimpse of the wild nature and beautiful landscape of this African country.
He moved to Italy in the 80's at an early age and developed a keen interest in natural history.
He got interested in photography in 2003, practicing with different media from 35mm to medium & large format cameras.
Doing some studio photography he learnt a great deal about composition, lighting and the importance of paying attention to detail,which gives him good knowledge on today's photography.
At that time he developed a passion for black and white printing which gave him the real challenge of producing a fine print.
He has now developed good technique on darkroom printing.
Experimenting and creativity are the most exiting part of this process of darkroom technique.
He began photographing wildlife in 2007 after having settled in Scotland for few years and learnt about the beautiful nature of this amazing country.
Most of his work is carried out in the field using 35mm digital and film cameras and using natural lighting whenever possible.
He is dedicated to photographing wild animals in their natural habitats (if it is on a captive animal he will state)
with wildlife photography being regarded as being one of the more challenging forms of photography.
Photographing wildlife and nature subjects for Cristian is a passion "Just being in touch with nature is such an enjoyment".
What has taken Cristian down this path is his curiosity " We have got a lot to learn from Mother Nature ".

Cristian Quaroni photography.